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Tag: Poor Posture

Poor Posture: Causes and Treatments

Date: February 22, 2016

Poor posture, also known as Postural Dysfunction, is defined as a spine positioned in unusual positions where the curvatures are emphasized. This puts the muscles, joints and vertebrae in straining positions, which may lead to an accumulation of pressure in these tissues. Painful disorders linked with having poor posture are common, and many individuals have firsthand experience with these complications. Low back pain is a very common concern but according to research, shoulder, neck and arm pain complaints [Read More...]

Why Good Posture is Important

Date: January 5, 2016

Having good posture not only helps you psychologically but can also benefit you physically. If you have good posture, other people see you as someone confident. They would put a certain level of trust and respect since you know how to present yourself. Physically, good posture can help prevent injuries and the occurrence of pain-causing health problems brought by having bad posture. Poor posture strains the ligaments and muscles while you sit, walk, stand or [Read More...]

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