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IV Vitamin Therapy

Utilize IV vitamin therapy as part of getting healthy. With our Medically supervised IV vitamin infusion therapy one can get more energy, kick colds and viruses faster, and get relief for any pain you’re in. By putting the vitamins and minerals your body needs directly into your bloodstream, you’ll be able to reap their benefits faster and absorb more.

Why IV Vitamin Therapy?

When you get your vitamins by IV, you bypass your digestive system entirely. This means that you absorb them faster and reap their benefits sooner than you will if you take the same supplements by mouth. When you need your body to function well and you don’t have time to wait for healing or more energy, IV therapy can jump start the process. Most of our patients feel better after just one treatment!

What’s IV Vitamin Therapy Like?

We’ll mix the ingredients of your IV with sterile water or saline. Then we put it all in an IV bag, give you a quick poke with a needle, and let the vitamins and minerals drip into your body over 15-30 minutes. You can select to receive a single therapy or, like many of our clients, come in a couple times a month. It’s fast enough that you can do it over a lunch break if you need to.

What Conditions Does IV Nutrient Therapy Treat?

In addition to offering you more energy, a boosted immune system, and better performance every day, IV therapy can be used to treat chronic conditions, too. From allergies to migraines, fibromyalgia to bronchitis, hangovers and diabetes to COPD, improve athletic performance, our patients have seen an improvement in many, many illnesses from their IV therapy. Not sure if it’s right for you or your condition? Ask us and we’ll give you our honest evaluation.

IV Vitamin therapy Options

Our IV vitamin therapies are customized to your needs. It is Doctor supervised for your safety and its effectiveness. We in addition also offer in house lab testing for more precise diagnostics of your body’s vitamins needs and can customize the IV vitamin therapy treatment to your lab results.  We’ll take into account your health problems, any new complaints, and any conditions you might be dealing with that are unusual or specific to your body. Once we have all the information we need, we’ll make up an IV formula that’s just for you.

Every vitamin and mineral that we select will be designed to play a specific part in making you feel better. We know how each option is supposed to work in your body and how they interact with each other, so we are positioned to choose a combination that will work well for all of your needs.

IV Vitamin Therapy Menu

Myer’s Cocktail -$159- B-Complex, B-5, B-6, B12, Calcium, Vitamin C, trace minerals, Zinc & Magnesium

Athletic Performance – $129-  B-Complex, Calcium, Glutathione & Magnesium

Health & Wellness –$129- B-Complex, Vitamin C & Magnesium

Women’s Monthly –$129- B-Complex, Toradol, trace minerals & Magnesium

Jet Lag/Fatigue –$129- B-Complex, Vitamin C & B-12

Hangover & Altitude Sickness – $129 – B-Complex, Toradol & Zofran

Cold & Flu –$129- Vitamin C, Zinc & Magnesium

B-12 Injection – $25

MIC Injection – $35 -Amino acids and vitamins to help stimulate metabolism to burn fat

Membership – $119/month Includes One Standard IV Drip- B12 Injection

& 30 % off any add on services

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