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Scoliosis Bracing with ScoliBrace

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and rehabilitation techniques. In severe cases of scoliosis, or cases in which worsening curve progression continues despite rehabilitative efforts, bracing is often the best solution. At Denver Physical Medicine, we treat many cases of idiopathic scoliosis in infants, children, and adults using highly effective ScoliBrace and Schroth Method for Scoliosis.

If you or a loved one suffers from scoliosis, finding the right type of treatment can be challenging. Many patients wish to avoid surgery, but they may not be good candidates for many treatment 

Scoliosis is complex and impacts many parts of the body. When the spine does not have the appropriate curve, it can cause widespread pain and a wide range of other problems. Because Scoliosis does not only affect the spine, treatment with our Scoliosis Brace involves carefully examining the patient’s entire body to create a customized scoliosis brace.

How Does ScoliBrace Work?

Some braces for scoliosis are designed solely to prevent scoliosis from progressing. This is, of course, extremely important, but many bracing options fail to take the impact of spinal curvature on the entire body.

ScoliBrace is different. ScoliBrace is a state of the art advanced Three dimentional Scoliosis Corrective Brace. Its biggest purpose is the Reduce Scoliosis Curves.

When you visit Denver Physical Medicine to be outfitted with a ScoliBrace, we begin by conducting a thorough analysis to determine whether the treatment is right for you. In addition to taking X-rays and conducting a posture analysis, we do a BraceScan that utilizes 3D laser technology to scan your entire body in three dimensions – not just your spine. The technology behind ScoliBrace ensures that it is both effective and comfortable.

ScoliBrace works by positioning your body in an overcorrected, mirror-image position. This reduces spinal curvature and can improve overall appearance by correcting shoulder un-leveling and improving rib humping.

ScoliBrace in Denver

If you are searching for an effective treatment for scoliosis, we can help. When you come to us for a Scoliosis Bracing in Denver, we will perform a thorough exam, take X-rays, and complete a 3D BraceScan. We will take time to asses your results to custom fit the Scoliosis Brace to you. They will then manufacture your custom scoliosis brace and have it ready for you in a few weeks.

Once your ScoliBrace has arrived, we will schedule a fitting appointment. Your brace may have various Velcro closures, elastic pieces, and/or other types of fitting and toggles. We will help you put your brace on and adjust it to fit properly. We will also help you understand how often you need to wear your brace and when you should take it off. Before you leave, we will also make sure that you are comfortable wearing your brace and know how to put it on and take it off by yourself. We will in addition teach you specific scoliosis stretches and exercises to be performed in conjunction to your Scoliosis brace. There will be follow up X-rays to check the progress a patient is making in the Scoliosis brace periodically.


If you have scoliosis and are unsure of what to do next, we can help. When you visit Denver Physical Medicine, we will evaluate and determine whether you are a good candidate for ScoliBrace. If not, we will recommend another course of treatment. If you are, we will get to work getting you measured and fitted for your Custom scoliosis brace from ScoliBrace. Contact us today to learn more about Scoliosis Corrective Brace today and get results!!!

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