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Neck pain is a concern for millions of Americans. Many of us spend hours hunched over our computers or commuting to and from work, both of which can wreak havoc on the neck.  As a result, it should come as no surprise that it is one of the most common conditions we treat at Denver Physical Medicine & Rehab.Denver Neck Pain

Neck Pain Causes

Neck pain is commonly caused by poor posture, such as hunching over your computer while working or over your steering wheel when driving. It can also occur as the result of injuries and accidents. One of the most common neck injuries is whiplash, which occurs when the head snaps forward and backward suddenly, most often in a car accident.

You may experience pain in the neck as the result of abnormalities in the soft tissues – the muscles, ligaments and nerves –  or due to problems in the joints and bones of the spine. In most cases, pain stems from soft tissue damage caused by injury or years of wear and tear.

Neck pain can also cause pain in the upper back, shoulders and arm. Shooting pain that extends from the neck down the arm and into the hand and fingers is often a sign of a pinched nerve in the neck. In addition to pain, pinched nerves can cause pain and weakness.

Though less common, disc injuries in the neck can cause pain, numbness and tingling as well.

Treatment for Neck Pain

In some cases, neck pain can be alleviated by making simple lifestyle changes. Poor posture is a major contributing factor to neck pain, as is sitting for extended periods of time. Improving your posture, switching to an ergonomic chair, and getting up to move around as often as possible can all help alleviate neck pain for many people. You should also make sure that you are using an appropriate pillow that properly supports your head. Orthopedic pillows are preferred by chiropractors because they provide adequate support for the neck and head and allow you to get a good night’s sleep.

In cases of severe or chronic neck pain that does not respond to lifestyle changes, chiropractic treatment may be needed. You should also contact your Denver chiropractor or Denver physician immediately for pain that started immediately following an injury or when you have been involved in a car accident.

At Denver Physical Medicine & Rehab, we have a multi-disciplinary approach to treating neck pain. Our team of board-certified physicians, chiropractors and Denver physical therapists will work together to determine the exact cause of your pain and prescribe a treatment plan that addresses the underlying cause while providing relief for your symptoms.

Even mild neck pain could turn into something more severe if not addressed right away. If you are experiencing pain or stiffness in your neck in Denver, please contact us today by calling 303-757-7820. We offer free initial consultations, and we are passionate about helping our patients live productive, pain-free lives!

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