Conditions Treated by Our Physical Therapists

There are numerous reasons to seek treatment from Denver Physical Medicine & Rehab. From chronic pain from an unknown source to pain and decreased mobility following an accident, our team of medical professionals treats patients who are suffering from a myriad of conditions.

While some doctors and therapists seek only to ease unpleasant symptoms, at Denver Physical Medicine & Rehab, we strive to find – and most importantly, correct – the underlying cause of our patients’ discomfort, thereby allowing them to get back to living full, pain-free lives.

Some of the symptoms and conditions we commonly treat include:

Whether you are experiencing pain following an accident or due to a chronic condition, such as sciatica, spinal stenosis, bulging discs or disc herniation, we can typically correct the underlying problem and help you start feeling like yourself again.

While medications are often viable options for masking pain, we provide physical therapy and innovative treatments to actually correct the problem. In doing so, we give our patients long-term relief without the risks often associated with prescription medications. Additionally, we employ techniques that are non-surgical and non-invasive in nature to further minimize potential risks.

At Denver Physical Medicine & Rehab, our multidisciplinary approach allows