Shoulder pain is one of the most common conditions we see in our Denver office. Often stemming from the neck, shoulder pain affects a large percentage of the population, and it has a number of potential causes. At Denver Physical Medicine & Rehab, our goal is to do more than temporarily ease your pain. Through a variety of treatments and techniques, we aim to cure the underlying cause of your shoulder pain to provide long-term relief.

What Causes Shoulder Pain?

Shoulder pain can be caused by  number of things. In most cases, it occurs as the result of accidents, injuries, overexertion, bad posture or aging. It can also occur as the result of physical and emotional stress and certain conditions like herniated or bulging discs. Sometimes it is easy to pinpoint the source of shoulder pain, especially when it occurs immediately following any type of injury or intense physical activity. In other instances, though, a more thorough examination is required.

When to Seek Treatment for Shoulder Pain

Minor cases of shoulder pain that clear up on their own within a day or two are typically of no major concern and do not require medical treatment. However, if you are experiencing severe or recurring shoulder pain, or if the pain is radiating to other areas of your body, you should seek medical attention right away. It is also wise to seek treatment for any type of shoulder pain that you experience as the result of an auto accident.

When you choose Denver Physical Medicine & Rehab for your Denver shoulder pain