Since 1987, more than 143 million patients have found relief from knee pain thanks to a knee Supartz injection. At Denver Physical Medicine & Rehab, we provide Denver Supartz injections for patients who suffer from chronic knee pain from osteoarthritis.

What Is Supartz and a Supartz Injection?

Supartz is a natural chemical made of highly purified sodium hyaluronate, which comes from rooster combs. When injecting Supartz directly into the knee, it acts like an “oil” to lubricate and cushion the knee joint. A typical course of treatment consists of five weekly injections and provide long-lasting pain relief for arthritis sufferers.

Hyaluronate occurs naturally within our bodies, and it is found in especially high concentrations in joint tissue and the fluid that fills the joint. It is necessary for proper joint function and to lubricate the joint and absorb shock. In patients with osteoarthritis, there is typically a reduction in hyaluronate. This contributes to pain and decreased mobility.

Denver Supartz Injections