What Are Knee Injections?

Knee pain can be caused by several things, including sudden injury from accidents and sports, overuse from daily activities and medical conditions such as arthritis. For mild and tolerable knee pain, home remedies like an ice pack and over-the-counter pain relievers may be an effective treatment.

When knee pain starts to affect normal functions, however, advanced treatment may be necessary. A physician may prescribe medications to relieve swelling and pain. However, not all have positive reactions to certain drugs. If prescription drugs do not seem to work or if people react negatively to it, knee injections are the next option.

Knee InjectionsKnee Injections

A knee injection is a treatment option for people with moderate to severe knee pain who can’t find relief from medications and if surgery is not yet a possibility. Knee injection is usually an option for people with joint problems.

The knee joint has synovial fluid that acts as a lubricant so the knees can smoothly bend. Excess synovial fluid can cause inflammation resulting in knee pain. Low amount of hyaluronic acid in the synovial fluid can also contribute to osteoarthritis.

Removing the excess synovial fluid through injection, also called joint aspiration or arthrocentesis, helps relieve knee pain. For those with undiagnosed joint problems, joint aspiration is also a way to determine arthritis-induced pain. In the same spot of the shot, the physician may also inject corticosteroid to provide quick relief, which may last up six to twelve weeks. Corticosteroid injections have milder effects than oral steroids, but constant use may lead to further knee damage.

Another way to improve knee pain is by refilling hyaluronic acid with a hollow needle straight to the joint once a week for three to five weeks. Hyaluronic acid may not take effect immediately, but its effect lasts longer than arthrocentesis and corticosteroid injection.

Knee Injections in Denver

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