A Sustainable Weight Loss Program

Many people are easily persuaded into trying out diet fads and slimming pills because they want a quick fix or a wave of a magic wand to get fit. Some work, but not for long. Some people even say they gained more weight than what they lost in the end. It’s easy to fall for quick fixes especially if you do not have a clear understanding of weight gain and weight management.

Weight Loss Programs

For people wanting to lose weight for cosmetic or health purposes, medical weight loss is a flexible weight management program based on scientific principles. Unlike other weight loss methods like dieting, taking supplements and surgery, medical weight loss is done under a physician’s supervision and by looking into a person’s health profile.

What Makes Medical Weight Loss Different? Sustainable Weight Loss

Medical weight loss is a sustainable weight loss program. It focuses on addressing the cause of weight gain, and it uses body composition and metabolism to measure improvements rather than just aiming to lose pounds and looking better after without taking nutrition and other factors into consideration.

Before coming up with a unique weight loss program, patients will have to undergo consultations and laboratory tests. Then, patients will be advised to shift to a safe, low-calorie diet together with exercise routines, other physical activities, managing appetite, dealing with food addiction and how to change into a sustainable, healthy lifestyle. If patients choose to, physicians can also prescribe medications or appetite suppressants.

Medical weight loss can work even for those who aim to lose the remaining few pounds or just starting to get fit. For people with medical conditions, Denver medical weight loss physicians can coordinate with primary physicians to make sure activities, and prescriptions do not interfere with primary medical treatment.

Our weight loss technique is not a one-size-fits-all program, which makes it an effective solution for managing weight for all types of people. For additional information on medical weight loss in Denver, call Denver Physical Medicine today at 303-757-7280.