3 Quick Tips to Relieve Back Pain

If you are one of the millions of people who suffers from lower back pain, you may feel like there is no relief for your misery. Pain in the lower back region can have numerous causes, and determining the exact underlying problem isn’t always easy. This, of course, often makes the pain difficult to treat. If you suffer from pain in your lower back, physical therapy is one of the best courses of action. There are also, however, a few at-home remedies that may provide some relief.

Cold Therapy lower back pain

Sometimes, simple is best. While there are a lot of high-tech products on the market that are intended to soothe pain, a simple cold pack is still one of the best methods. Cold therapy works best when it is applied shortly after an injury occurs. It’s also effective after any activity that results in stiffness or pain. It can even help alleviate post-operative pain.

Heat Therapy

Heat therapy is another tried and true method of relieving back pain. Heat increases the flow of nutrients and oxygen to the lower back, decreases stiffness, and inhibits the transmission of pain signals to the brain. And it does all that without the need for potentially addicting painkillers.

Like cold therapy, heat therapy is usually most effective when applied within 24 to 72 hours after an injury. Patients who suffer from chronic back pain often find relief when alternating between cold and heat therapy.


Tight muscles are a common cause of back pain. If your hamstrings – the muscles in the backs of your thighs – are tight, they can limit your range of motion in your pelvis. This creates stress on the lower back and can be quite painful.

If you spend your day working in an office in front of a computer, you likely have tight hamstrings. Loosen them up by doing some hamstring stretches every day. Even standing up and stretching for a few minutes every once in a while during your workday can make a huge difference.

Back Pain Relief in Denver

At Denver Physical Medicine & Rehab, we have a lot of patients who come to us seeking back pain relief in Denver. We offer a complete range of physical therapy services to help patients overcome pain and live their lives to the fullest. To learn more about our back pain services, call now to schedule a consultation.