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Tag: Lose Weight

Why Medical Weight Loss Works

Date: April 11, 2016

Overweight and obese people are more at risk of developing serious health complications like diabetes, heart disease, stroke, and osteoarthritis. Losing weight can lower the risk of developing these problems or even help manage them. People who want to achieve a healthy weight for health and even cosmetic purposes can benefit from medical weight loss. Medical weight loss is a weight management program developed by and maintained under a physician’s supervision, and it uses tools and resources based [Read More...]

What Is Medical Weight Loss?

Date: February 29, 2016

Achieving a healthy weight is not just about aiming to look good. It can also save people from serious health complications related to weight gain and obesity. Medical weight loss can benefit people who want to find a sustainable weight loss program either for cosmetic or health purposes. Unlike other weight loss approaches, a medical weight loss program is closely monitored by physicians. What Is Medical Weight Loss? Medical weight loss is a flexible weight [Read More...]

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