Why You Should See a Physical Therapist for Shoulder Pain

The shoulder joint is the most mobile joint in the body. It is for this reason that the shoulder is mainly stabilized not by some bones, but by a series of ligaments and muscles that combine together to create a sturdy joint capsule.

But by a blend of repetitive motion, poor posture, weakness in the rotator cuff muscles and/or trauma, can result in Physical Therapist for Shoulder Painshoulder pain and reduced mobility.

Shoulder pain isn’t only present among athletes, and it is not always due to an accident. As a matter of fact, you can obtain shoulder pain from lifting heavy objects, sleeping in a wrong manner or performing household chores. There might come a time that you might help a friend in moving furniture, and you will notice by the next day you can hardly get a shirt on.

If you have shoulder pain while lifting, dressing, carrying things or sleeping, you must be familiar with the clinically proven solution: physical therapy. Physical therapy can aid in reducing pain, restoring movement and recovering strength without the need for surgery or any medications.

Why Denver Physical Therapy Should be Your Top Choice for Shoulder Pain

  • It’s an extraordinary type of treatment: It has been shown that physical therapy can aid in improving shoulder movement among patients with even the worst form of shoulder injuries. It can also aid in reducing pain for patients with enduring shoulder problems.
  • It is as effective and beneficial as with other treatment forms without the side effects. Physical therapy has been proven to be equally effective with corticosteroid injection or surgery in treating shoulder pain.
  • It has benefits that can help prevent future pain: Physical therapy treatment plans include exercises that aid in building shoulder strength, which is helpful in avoiding injury in the future.
  • You can get instant pain relief: You won’t have to wait painfully for an appointment with a physical therapist: you can normally see a therapist within 48 hours after calling.

Don’t suffer from shoulder pain any longer. Call Denver Physical Medicine at 303-757-7280 to schedule your free initial consultation with a top Denver physical therapist.