Who Can Benefit from Physical Therapy?

People with movement disorders due to illness, a congenital disorder, pain, an effect of surgery and injury from doing sports or accidents often find it difficult to do simple daily tasks such as walking, standing and even getting in and out of bed without assistance.

Depending on the cause of movement disorder, physicians will prescribe medications or advise patients to go Who Does Physical Therapy Benefitthrough surgery together with physical therapy or physical therapy alone. Physical therapy is a rehabilitative treatment aimed to improve a patient’s quality of life after a movement disability, and it is helpful for individuals who have become disabled for a variety of reasons. Physical therapy can either be prescribed in the form of exercise, exposure to light or heat hydrotherapy, massage, electrical stimulation or a combination of two or more.

Physical therapy should only be performed by a licensed physical therapist under or without the primary physician’s referral. Upon determining the cause of movement disorder or pain and evaluating the patient’s condition, a physical therapist will come up with a specialized regimen to help lessen the pain, improve range of motion and learn new adaptive skills for daily functions.

Depending on the present health situation of a patient, a physical therapist may render services in a hospital, outpatient clinic, rehabilitative clinic or at home if it a patient is unable to leave the house.

And, since a programmed therapy regimen vary depending on the cause of the disability and other factors, some physical therapists specialize in areas such as geriatrics, pediatrics, cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation, neurology, orthodontics or sports. For example, people born with developmental and neurological disorders have different needs from those who suffered an injury from sports or a car accident.

In general, the goal of physical therapy is to improve a person’s quality of life after a movement disability. At Denver Physical Therapy & Rehab, we offer comprehensive Denver physical therapy services for patients suffering from a variety of movement disorders. To learn more about physical therapy in Denver or to schedule a free initial consultation, please contact us today by calling 303-757-7280.