Take off Extra Pounds Safely with Medical Weight Loss

Weight gain and obesity make a person more at risk to developing weight-related health conditions like diabetes, heart disease, hypertension and high cholesterol levels. Thus, losing even more than just a few pounds is vital to reducing the risk. However, most people do not have a clear understanding about losing weight. They are easily swayed into quick fixes, such as diet fads and slimming pills, unaware of the possible harm it could do to their body.

Safely lose the weight!

Safely Lose Weight

Medical weight loss, as the name implies, is a flexible weight loss program based on science under the supervision of a physician. Whether for health purposes or cosmetic purposes, anyone can benefit from medical weight loss.

What differentiates medical weight loss to other weight loss methods such as dieting, workout crazes, supplements and cosmetic surgeries is that a patient’s overall health profile and nutrition will be carefully monitored throughout the whole process. It keeps track of progress based on a person’s metabolism and body composition.

Medical weight loss focuses on resolving the cause of weight gain and obesity to be able to come up with a healthy, sustainable weight loss program.

In a weight loss center, a trained physician, particularly a bariatric physician and their staff, will run several laboratory tests before developing an individualized program. This includes a low-calorie balanced diet, exercise routines, managing appetite, curbing food addiction and lifestyle education. Physicians can also prescribe medications and appetite suppressants if patients choose to.

Whether you are aiming to lose 50 pounds or to shed the stubborn last ten pounds, medical weight loss is guaranteed to provide results. Medical weight loss is safe even for someone who is suffering from an illness. Weight loss physicians can coordinate with a primary physician to ensure medications do not interact and weight loss efforts do not get in the way of primary medical treatment.

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