What Is Medical Weight Loss?

Achieving a healthy weight is not just about aiming to look good. It can also save people from serious health complications related to weight gain and obesity.

Medical weight loss can benefit people who want to find a sustainable weight loss program either for cosmetic or health purposes. Unlike other weight loss approaches, a medical weight loss program is closely monitored by physicians.

What Is Medical Weight Loss?Denver Medical Weight Loss

Medical weight loss is a flexible weight loss solution that can work on anyone because every program is unique because it is developed according to an individual’s health profile, metabolism and weight goals.

A medical weight loss program starts after patients undergo a series of consultations and laboratory tests that includes determining the body mass index, taking blood pressure, urine tests and blood tests. Then, changes will be made in the diet, usually a protein-rich and low-calorie diet. Once the body starts adjusting to the diet, exercise and fitness routines will be introduced.

Does it Provide Long-Term Results?

The downfall of a weight loss solution will take place once a person goes back to giving in to food cravings. But, medical weight loss is prepared for this. The diet itself is specially designed to reduce hunger and cravings. Moreover, physicians can prescribe appetite suppressants if patients choose to and to make sure the body gets the needed nutrition they will also prescribe multivitamins and supplements. To make sure weight loss is sustained, physicians will also provide tips and strategies to maintain the healthy lifestyle at home.

Medical weight loss works even for people suffering from an illness. Weight loss physicians can work with a patient’s primary healthcare provider to avoid drug interactions and to make sure weight loss efforts do not interfere with primary medical treatment.

To sum it all up, medical weight loss is a weight management solution backed by science.

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