Preventing Back Pain During Holiday Shopping

With Thanksgiving behind us, the holiday shopping season is in full swing. Buying all those gifts can be painful on your bank account, and it can be just as tough on your body. Extended shopping trips and large purchases are tough on your back and can result in some serious pain and discomfort. If you are planning a big shopping trip, here are a few ways to avoid back pain while shopping.

Plan Your Trip Earlier in the Day

When you’re planning a big shopping trip, try to go early in the day rather than after work. You are more at risk of hurting your back if you are already tired.

Bring Large Bags

When you go shopping, bring along two large reusable shopping bags with thick handles. They are easier on your hands than the handles on most store bags, and you can use them to consolidate your purchases. Just remember not to put too much into one bag. Carry one bag on each side of your body to better distribute the weight.

Carry Purchases Directly in Front of You holiday shopping

When carrying a large package, hold it on front of you and as close to your body as possible. This reduces the amount of strain on your torso and lower back. Take larger packages to your car as quickly as possible to avoid strain.

Don’t Inspect Items at Arm’s Length

Did you know that even a 10-pound item held in front of you at arm’s length puts up to 30 pounds of strain on your body? Instead of holding items like clothing out at arm’s length to get a better look, hang them on the end of a rack or place it on a table to get a better look without straining your upper back.

Take Frequent Breaks

Spending an entire day shopping takes a serious toll on your body. Taking a break every or so, though, helps. Take a few minutes to stretch and relax to give your body a bit of a break.

Schedule an Appointment with a Physical Therapist

If you are experiencing back pain this holiday season, your physical therapist can help. Contact Denver Physical Medicine today to schedule an appointment. Call 303-757-7280.