Platelet Rich Plasma in Denver Revolutionizing Acute Muscle Injury Treatment

Healthcare has come a long way even in just the past decade, and the quality of care continues to improve at a dramatic pace. Though it’s impossible to list all the incredible advancements that have revolutionized the field in the past several years, one of the big game changers is the use of platelet rich plasma in the treatment of acute injuries.

Platelet Rich Plasma in Denver for Acute Muscle InjuriesPlatelet Rich Plasma in Denver

Platelet rich plasma, or PRP, is an autologous blood product injection. It contains many more platelets than normally found in blood. PRP also contains 5 to 10 times greater concentrations of growth factors, which studies have proven can speed up the healing process.

The doctor draws the patient’s own blood to develop the PRP preparation. The platelets are then separated from other cells, and a centrifuge increases their concentration. The concentrated platelets are then combined with the remaining blood. The PRP preparation is then carefully injected into the injured area or used to treat the area during surgery.

Effectiveness of PRP for Acute Muscle Injuries

Acute muscle injuries are common, especially among athletes. These injuries are often treated with a protocol of rest, ice, compression and elevation. Anti-inflammatory medications, rehabilitation and other modalities are commonly used as well.

Emerging research indicates, however, that PRP may be a more effective treatment protocol. Though research is ongoing, studies have already shown that PRP therapy can accelerate muscle healing, and people treated in this manner recover significantly faster than those treated using traditional methods.

PRP in Denver

At Denver Physical Medicine & Rehab, we are one of the few facilities offering PRP in Denver. As research continues, we’re sure to learn even more about the benefits of this revolutionary treatment protocol.

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