Is Physical Therapy Helpful in Treating Migraine Pain?

Migraine headaches can sometimes be severe and debilitating. Regrettably, “cures” are normally hard to find, and you may wonder where physical therapy fits in the treatment of migraine headaches. The answer to this will vary depending on the patient since there is a wide array of clinical presentations in patients suffering from migraine headaches.

How Do Physical Therapy Techniques Help With Migraine Pain?

There are particular therapy approaches in times of headache (particularly on the beginning) which aid in reducing the pain of the headache attack temporarily. Individuals who suffer from migraine can be taught the best method toMigraine Physical Therapy Denver use modalities like ice and relaxation. Family members can also be taught to use various massage methods or manual cervical traction.

Migraine headaches normally occur along with discomfort and feeling of tension around the neck. Though this tension is assumed to be secondary to the migraine and not the cause, doing stretching exercises is helpful in reducing discomfort.

A thorough history and examination by a physical therapist that has the skills and experience in managing migraine headache can aid in identifying the proper treatment needed. Generally, the goal of treatment by physical therapy is to stabilize the musculoskeletal system as much as possible to decrease tension and stress on the joints and soft tissues. For instance, for trigger points located in the upper trapezius muscles, the physical therapist will likely work on stretching the muscles fibers that are causing the problem. Furthermore, alignment, posture and strength problems must be addressed, for problematic mechanics in these portions may add to the development of trigger points.

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