How to Help Student Athletes Reach Peak Performance

With the kids back in school, the fall sports season is in full swing. For many students, the beginning of a new season is tough. Trying to adjust to a brand-new school year and get back into playing any type of sport is exhausting, but there are several ways to ensure a great season. Whether you have kids who play football, soccer or any other sport, here are a few tips to help ensure high-performance throughout the season.

Invest in the Right Footwear

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Football flickr photo by TheMert shared under a Creative Commons (BY-ND) license

Proper equipment is vital in any sport, and the right footwear provides a strong foundation for excellent performance. Investing in a good pair of shoes prevents injuries while helping student athletes achieve peak athletic ability.

Insist on a Good Night’s Sleep

Sleep is vital for athletes. Make sure your student athlete gets plenty of sleep to recover from the previous day’s activities and to get ready for early morning practices. According to the National Sleep Foundation, not getting enough sleep prevents the body from having enough time for processes like muscle repair, so make sure your athletes get plenty of shuteye!

Pay Attention to Nutrition and Hydration

An athlete’s body requires the right fuel. Encourage your kids to eat healthy meals that contain plenty of carbohydrates. Good food sources for athletes include things like pasta, fresh fruits and vegetables, lean meats and milk.

Dehydration is a serious health risk, so athletes should always have a water bottle close by. This is especially important for games and practices during hot weather.

Helping Your Student Athlete Reach Peak Performance with Denver Sports Medicine

No matter how old your kids are, helping them reach peak athletic performance ensures that they will do their best and avoid health problems and injuries. Encourage your student athlete to talk to you about any aches or pains they experience during practice or a sporting event. If there are any problems, seek prompt attention from your Denver physical therapist.

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