4 Ways to Improve Balance in Your Daily Life

September 22, 2017 marks the 10th annual Fall Prevention Awareness Day. This event, which was created by the National Council on Aging, is intended to raise awareness of ways to prevent falls and fall-related injuries among older adults. Because many falls occur as the result of poor balance, improving one’s balance is one of the ways to prevent these common accidents. Whether you are a senior citizen or not, you can start taking steps today to improve your balance and avoid fall-related injuries. Here are a few ways to make balance part of your daily life.

Ways to Improve Balance

Stand Up While Putting on Your Pants

Sitting while getting dressed may be easier, but standing while you put on your pants helps you build balance. This simple task forces you to stand on one leg while other parts of your body are in motion. Doing this daily could help you avoid trips and falls by training your body to react and recover better when stepping in a hole or onto an uneven surface. Once you’ve mastered standing while putting on your pants, step it up a notch by putting on your socks and shoes while standing.

Balance on One Leg When Standing at a Counter

When you are brushing your teeth or washing dishes, stand on one leg without allowing the other foot to touch the ground. Switch legs every 30 seconds to significantly increase the strength in your leg and improve neuromuscular function.

Stand on Soft, Squishy Surfaces

Squishy surfaces are more difficult to stand on than solid ones. Try standing on a couch cushion while watching TV or performing certain household tasks. You could even incorporate standing on an unstable, squishy surface while engaging in a home exercise routine, such as yoga or upper body weight training tasks.

Move Your Head

Training your vestibular system helps you maintain balance while looking around and scanning your environment. While sitting or standing, focus on a static target, such as a picture on the wall, and move your head up and down or from side to side. As this becomes easier, change up your stances or even try walking around your home.

Take Care of Your Body

Poor balance sometimes occurs as the result of problems within the body. If you are suffering from pain, you may compensate to avoid discomfort. In doing so, you could put your entire body off-balance. If you find yourself struggling to balance, make an appointment with a doctor or physical therapist. At Denver Physical Medicine, we can help you improve your balance and strength through a variety of techniques and exercises.

Improving your balance is an important aspect of fall prevention. To learn more about how we can help, contact us today. Call 303-757-7280 now.